Why Aniston and Theroux postpone wedding

According to the tabloids Jennifer Aniston has been the summer of 2013 to become the wife of actor Justin Theroux. But the wedding is not.

From that moment on, as Brad Pitt traded Aniston Angelina Jolie, all were waiting for luck will smile again beauty Jen. But all the previous gentlemen, whom she chose, in no hurry to marry legally. It seemed now that appeared on the horizon handsome Theroux – a successful writer and actor, one of many celebrities, the holder of two diplomas – Jennifer and cards. But rumors about the upcoming event is not confirmed: the pair only does that carries the wedding date, creating doubt and causing new problems to their persons. Some of them had to meet Jennifer.

Aniston said that there were no problems in her relationship with her fiance is not, just that they are both very busy and do not rush. However, rumors of break Jennifer and Justin did not occur in a vacuum. Rumor has it that Jennifer classic Californian lady, from the very beginning did not really fit into the lifestyle of bohemian New Yorker intellectual Theroux. First, she did not want to live in New York, and, second, did not get along with friends Justin. However, they are still together, so these differences were abolished.

There is another version of the cancellation of a summer wedding: they say that he Justin Theroux Jennifer dissuaded from participating in the competition – see who will run so far to the crown, she or Angelina Jolie. Maybe Aniston and she does not hurry up, because he wants to show Pitt, Jolie and their independence and ability to be happy in the community loved without any formalities.

Once Jennifer decided yet shed light on the true state of affairs in his personal life and assured everyone that was not once again the victim of an unhappy love affair, it was reported that she plans to make a “winter wedding”. Maybe for Christmas. Where – is unknown. Then someone of them obviously have to compromise. Either hold a reception in the new house for $ 21 million in California (couple purchased it not so long ago), whether in New York, where they live groomsmen. But, in the end, what’s the difference? The main thing is that Aniston is clearly happy with her ​​fiance prominent and self-sufficient.

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